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heating pipe & tube-housing project

heating pipe & tube-housing project
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heating pipe & tube-housing project
1.S value: S 6.3,S5,S4,S3.2,S2.5
2..max temperture:95 degree Celsius


heating pipe & tube-housing project


RE-RT pipe whose physical property and execution characteristics is excellent is being used as an apartment complex heating wate.

PE-RT name

Outer Diameter(mm)

Inner Diameter(mm)



















RE-RT pipe whose physical property and execution characteristic is excellent is being used as an apartment complex heating, water supply piping purpose and the one for mortar floor heating execution method of the Dongshin PE-RT pipe

Floor zone insulation water-proof mat treatment

Lay the insulation water-proof  mat on the floor to be executed and conduct mortar executionl Execute up to the  partial position of the 5cm above of the wall body to get moisture-proof of the surrounding wall body too.

Basic mortar execution for pipe support

As mortar floor zone is the floor for support when executes thek pipe ,mortar mixture ratio to make the sand versus cement3:1extent and make the floor face horizontal and completely cure.

Circulation warm water distributor installation

Install the warm water distributor horizontally, and make the space between valve socket and floor maintain over 30cm space.postition pf the warm water distributor is to install that make the supply valve come from the front and make the recovery valve come from the rear.Once attach the air vent to the distributor, heat efficiency becomes higher since get rid of the air inside the each room piping pipe then facilitate harmonious warm water circulation

Bending method of the pipe piping

All we have to do is to grab the pipe by both hands as longas possible and bend slowly toward the desired angle without forced circulation or heating of the warm water, in order not to be broken off when bends the pipe, should grab over minimum both hands distance as possible,and diameter should be the over minimum bending diameter when bent

pipe fixation method and finish treatment

For pipe fixation drive a nail on the basic mortar floor in use of the saddle and make it fix. At this time fixation interval should be 1m extent, and for the bending zone install the saddle at 2 places on the 90 degree bending spot

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